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Buying New Curtains 101

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Choosing the right curtains can affect the way your room looks. It is not just a matter of color and fabric, but the design you pick also plays an important role. If you are considering buying new curtains then these tips will help you:

  • Start with a sample. You should test your fabric to see if it folds nicely. The sample you pick shouldn’t be too small, otherwise, you won’t be able to see if your fabric drapes well.
  • Pick a simple design if you have a small room. The smaller the area, the fewer the details to give the illusion of more space.
  • Does your room get a lot of sunlight? If it does, then you probably want to stay away from dark and bright colors. These colors tend to fade fast with sunlight.
  • Pick the right material. Faux silk is the most durable option so it is suitable if you are planning to keep your curtains for long. Heavier materials like tweed and velvet are the best materials to use if you want your room to stay warm during the cold season.

These amazing tips will help you pick the right curtains for your home.

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